1.  I cannot view the digital magazine
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2. I am told I am unauthorised to see this publication
Access to the digital magazine is restricted to subscribers. If you are a subscriber please contact our Customer Services Department and we will investigate.If you would like to this, please contact our Hotline Sales Department.

3. Can I print the digital magazine?
Sorry, it is not possible to print the digital magazine.

4. Can I forward on this magazine to my colleagues?
No, if the digital magazine is forwarded, your colleagues will not be able to read it. Please ask them to contact our Hotline Sales Department if they would like to subscribe.

5. How can I get extra copies for my colleagues?
Please contact our Hotline Sales Department to discuss this.

6. Questions about using the software
Click here to view the User Guide. If you are having further problems please contact our Customer Services Department.

7. I need to change my details
Please contact our Customer Services Department.

8. Can I read my digital magazine on more than one machine?
You can read the digital magazine on any machine, but once you have activated the link for an issue it will only be available on that machine. Please contact our Customer Services Department if you require access on a second machine.

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